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you you you and forever still you

there's nothings i cant say to u,,, nothing i could ever do to make u see....what u mean to me..all the pains and tears i cried still u never said good bye....i know i let u down...its not like that now...this time i will never lets u GOOO!!!
ALL MY LIFE I WILL BE WITH U get u throught the day and make everything OK!

I though that have everything, i didn know what life my could bring,,but now i see honestly,,,
...u're  the 1thing i got right,the only 1 let inside....and now i can bring coz u here wif me!<3 <3....

u all i got..u all i need,,,u all i want...
if without u i dont know what i do..
so... here with me ...
do you see u all i needdddddddddddddddddddddddd
all mylife i will be with u and make feel ok..k syg
 <3 harith

Thank You Sudi Baca My Entrie!!

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